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Sahabat Puspita,

untuk melengkapi koleksi Perpustakaan Spiritualitas Girisonta, maka pada tahun ini kami menghadirkan ke hadapan Anda buku-buku yang menarik:

The Cambridge Companion to the Jesuits (Cambridge Companions to Religion)
Ignatius of Loyola (1491-1556) obtained papal approval in 1540 for a new international religious order called the Society of Jesus. Until the mid-1700s the 'Jesuits' were active in many parts of Europe and far beyond. Gaining both friends and enemies in response to their work as teachers, scholars, writers, preachers, missionaries and spiritual directors, the Jesuits were formally suppressed by Pope Clement XIV in 1773 and restored by Pope Pius VII in 1814. The Society of Jesus then grew until the 1960s; it has more recently experienced declining membership in Europe and North America, but expansion in other parts of the world. This Companion examines the religious and cultural significance of the Jesuits. The first four sections treat the period prior to the Suppression, while section five examines the Suppression and some of the challenges and opportunities of the restored Society of Jesus up to the present.
Spiritual Direction: Beyond the Beginnings
Explores issues that arise in the advanced stages of spiritual direction from both a practical and theoretical perspective.

Dyana berarti “jalan setapak masuk ke dalam hati”, dimengerti sebagai “keheningan” dan “meditasi”. “Hati” yang menjadi tujuan, dipahami sebagai inti pribadi manusia, tempat berseminya aneka pencerahan yang menyangkut kehidupan, keheningan, dan kasih
Menemukan Allah dalam Segala Sesuatu
Buku terjemahan dari William Barry SJ:  Buku ini membantu kita menemukan metode sederhana untuk bisa menemukan kehadiran Allah dalam hidup kita dan dalam segala sesuatu. dengan menggunakan gaya Ignasian, Barry menyuguhkan refleksi dan metode doa yang mendalam.
A Friendship Like No Other

A Friendship Like No Other

Experiencing God's Amazing Embrace
A Friendship Like No Other offers three well-supported and practical sections: prayerful exercises to help lead us to the conviction that God wants our friendship; a close look at objections to this idea; and reflections on experiencing the presence of God and discerning those experiences. Brief, personal meditations are woven throughout.
The cornerstones of Ignatius of Loyola's spiritual practice--meditation and contemplation--are clearly explained in this simple guide to the Ignatian method, which is highlighted by examples from practitioners and quotations from Catholic spiritual teachers.
Front cover for An Ignatian Introduction to Prayer
Bestselling author, Timothy Gallagher offers an accessible, personal practice of prayer. Each of the book's 40 entries encourage us to live into the moments described in the Gospel and to be uplifted by a sense of identification with characters from scripture.
Fr. Gallagher helps us understand meditation and contemplation—the foundation of all Ignatian prayer—so that we can harness the power of of these resources in our own lives. A great asset for strengthening and renewing the practice of prayer.
THE Treatise on the Particular Examen of Conscience, by Father Luis de la Palma, of the Society of Jesus, fully explains the nature and the use of this Spiritual Exercise, as it was taught by St. Ignatius in his book of the Exercises. Since the time of St. Ignatius, the Particular Examen has been adopted to a considerable extent, both by Religious and by persons in the world, aspiring to perfection, and, very generally, by the active Orders which have sprung up since the time of the first French Revolution. 

It was to be expected that the nature and true object of the Particular Examen would be often misunderstood, and sometimes, the name was given to an Exercise, as unlike the Particular Examen of St. Ignatius as anything that could be imagined. Instances are not wanting, in which Religious, making the General Examination of Conscience at midday and in the evening, were instructed to write down all the faults of the morning and the afternoon, and taught to consider such noting down as the Particular Examen. 
Jesus: A Portrait
Much of what one sees or reads about Jesus is deliberately sensationalist or evasive. Producers and writers raise issues of merely historical interest, highlight trivial matters, or allege that cover-ups" have hidden the "real truth" for many centuries. They will do anything but face the challenge in the ultimate religious drama created by the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth." - Gerald O'Collins SJ. There are many books about Jesus, but few attempt to tell us what he was actually like. This new book by the distinguished Catholic biblical scholar and systematic theologian Gerald O’Collins concentrates on bringing the personality of Jesus alive. It combines devotion and experience with a lifetime of scholarly investigation
Taming the Tiger Within is a handbook of meditations, analogies, and reflections that offer pragmatic techniques for diffusing anger, converting fear, and cultivating love in every arena of life-a wise and exquisite guide for bringing harmony and healing to one's life and relationships.
Peace Is Every Breath: A Practice for Our Busy Lives
“Among Buddhist leaders influential in the West, Thich Nhat Hanh ranks second only to the Dalai Lama.” --New York Times Thich Nhat Hanh has been writing and talking about mindfulness for nearly fifty years. In the bestselling classic, Peace Is Every Step, the Zen Master introduced us to the peace that is available to us in each moment. This past year Thay, as his students call him, sat down to pen this book because he believes that the busyness of our lives has gotten out of control and led to unnecessary unhappiness. In Peace Is Every Breath, he does not argue that we put our lives on hold or stop living our fast-paced lives. Far from from it in fact, in this jewel of a book Thay illuminates how mindfulness can help us thrive and transcend the mad rush of our days and discover that within the here and now, the rituals of our days, we have the ability to experience true happiness. Thay guides us through the day offering personal anecdotes, meditations and advice for mindfully connecting with our present experience. We do not need to escape reality to harness the joy and peace we can experience with every breath we take. In Peace Is Every Step Thich Nhat Hanh introduced the world to idea that through mindfulness we can find peace. With Peace Is Every Breath, he takes this concept further and makes it even more applicable to our busy, modern lives. Thich Nhat Hanh believes that now more than ever we need to use the power of mindfulness to heal ourselves from the many stresses that surround us. Peace Is Every Breath is a timely book filled with timeless wisdom and practical advice that is destined to become a classic.
Nine Secrets of Successful Meditation
Dr. Vinod shows his readers how to enjoy meditation--and how to integrate the practice into everyday living and thus trigger spiritual growth and harmony
Just Call Me López
A sixteenth-century saint. A twenty-first-century woman.
Two very different paths are about to cross . . .

What could we have in common with a man from the sixteenth century? How about a man from the sixteenth century who becomes a saint? St. Ignatius of Loyola wasn’t always heroic and holy; he was flawed and fallible, just like us. In Just Call Me López, a twenty-first-century woman, Rachel, meets Íñigo López—the man we know today as St. Ignatius—and both are transformed by their unlikely friendship and series of thought-provoking conversations.
Their worlds literally collide when Rachel is struck by a hit-and-run driver, and López is there to help her. They realize that this chance accident is actually an act of God that allows Rachel and López, through the medium of their friendship, to come to terms with their personal struggles.
Just Call Me López helps us realize that our very human faults and imperfect behavior do not prevent us from receiving God’s grace; rather, knowing our weaknesses and giving ourselves over to the Holy Spirit can reveal the God within us and the path before us.

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